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CBD drink

Depending on the intended purpose and desired effect, CBD can be taken as different shapes.

Athletes, for example, who are looking for a direct and effective application on pain and healing, can use CBD recovery drinks.

There are many other uses of course, recreational pleasure, gustatory pleasure or the search for anxiolytic and relaxing effects provided by Cannabidiol.

All of our CBD Drinks contain a maximum of 0.2% THC in accordance with European Laws.


CBD Content

La Ferme Bio de Pigerolles

0 % CBD Relax Pain

Between Wellness and pleasure: the CBD drink

Welcome to the world of drinks at CBD! This bustling sector is experiencing impressive growth, combining Wellness, pleasure and scientific curiosity. Let’s dive into this trend together to understand its appeal.

The rise of cannabidiol drinks

The CBD has found its place in the culinary world, especially in drinks. Whether it's coffees, teas, smoothies, or even beers, it adds a Wellness dimension to these products. The CBD drink, whatever it is, is a simple and pleasant way to benefit from its beneficial properties.

Many benefits

Drinks with CBD promise a cocktail of Wellness. Indeed, cannabidiol promotes relaxation and hydration, while helping recovery after exercise. More than just a simple refreshment, these drinks can be a real ally Wellness in everyday life. In addition, they are an interesting alternative to other forms of CBD consumption, offering a softer and more sensory experience.

How to choose your drink at CBD?

Faced with the variety that exists, it can be difficult to make your choice. Look carefully at the labels: the concentration of CBD, the other ingredients, the possible presence of THC. It also depends on your tastes: do you prefer a soothing hot tea, a stimulating coffee, a refreshing sparkling water, or a simple syrup?

For a more personal experience, why not create your own drink at CBD? Adding a few drops of CBD oil to your favorite cup, or even to your post-workout smoothie can be a great idea!

The world of CBD is rich and fascinating. So, are you ready to explore this trend? Discover our range of drinks at CBD, and embark on a unique sensory journey!