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CBD for animals

Did you know that CBD has many benefits for the health of animals ? Animals, just like us, have what is called an endocannabinoid system. As a result, the benefits of cannabidiol are felt by our dogs and cats!

CBD can benefit your pet in many ways. As they age, for example, many dogs and cats eventually suffer from degenerative conditions such as osteoarthritis. During this period, they may experience a lack of energy as well as a decrease in appetite. Giving your dog or cat a few drops of CBD oil every day can help improve their quality of life. Stress can also affect animals. Changes in our daily life, such as a move or going on vacation, can destabilize our four-legged friends and make them anxious. CBD for animals will be of great help to help them regain a state of peace and serenity, allowing them to better adapt to heavy changes.

CBD for animals: benefits and use

CBD acts on the endocannabinoid system, present in mammals, birds, reptiles and fish. This system is involved in the regulation of various functions, such as pain, anxiety, inflammation, sleep and appetite. The benefits of CBD for animals are therefore multiple:

Pain relief: CBD is known for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. It can therefore be used to relieve pain and reduce inflammation in animals with arthritis, hip dysplasia or other musculoskeletal disorders.

Reduction of anxiety: in fact, cannabidiol can also help calm anxious or stressed animals, especially in cases of phobias related to thunderstorms, fireworks, car travel or other factors.

Improved sleep: Due to its relaxing effects, CBD promotes better quality sleep in animals with certain bedtime disorders and anxieties.

Appetite stimulation: as with humans, cannabidiol can help stimulate the appetite of our companions who sometimes eat too little due to illness, drug treatment or stress.

Immune function support: with its antioxidant and immunomodulatory properties, CBD promotes the strengthening of the immune system of animals and helps them fight against infections and diseases.

How to administer CBD to your animal?

CBD products for animals, such as CBD for dogs and cats, are available in different forms, such as CBD oils, capsules, treats or topicals. To ensure safe and effective use, it is essential to choose a quality product and follow the dosage recommendations.
Oils are usually administered orally, using a pipette or needleless syringe. They can be mixed with the animal's food or applied directly under the tongue for optimal absorption. As for the capsules, they prove to be a practical alternative for animals that do not like the taste of cannabidiol oil. They can be swallowed directly or concealed in a treat to facilitate their administration.
If your companion is struggling to accept these two methods, we advise you to try CBD treats: they represent an appetizing solution for animals and are easier to make them swallow. They are available in different flavors and concentrations of cannabidiol, adapted to the specific needs of each animal.
Finally, you can also use different topical products, such as balms, creams and other lotions containing CBD. These can be applied directly to the animal's skin to locally treat inflammation, pain or skin irritation.

Choose the right product and the right dosage for your pet

It is important to select a CBD product made specifically for animals, as products intended for humans may contain ingredients that are harmful to them. When choosing an item, pay special attention to its CBD concentration and quality. Choose products made from hemp grown in a biological way and subjected to independent laboratory tests to guarantee the absence of pesticides, heavy metals and contaminants. Thus, CBD Fields guarantees you total transparency on the origin of its products and on their quality. As for the dosage, it is advisable to start with a low dose and observe your pet's reactions. If necessary, gradually increase the dose until you get the desired results. Dosage recommendations vary depending on the weight of the animal, the cannabidiol concentration of the product and the condition being treated.

CBD for animals: trust CBD Fields

To obtain quality products and benefit from expert advice, visit our site. Here you will find a wide range of CBD products specially formulated for animals, such as oils, capsules, treats and various CBD products for cats and other animals. Take advantage now of the benefits of cannabidiol to improve the quality of life of your four-legged friend!