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CBD Flowers

CBD flowers offer powerful properties anti-inflammatories. They act primarily as a relaxant.

They are often consumed in the form of herbal tea before bedtime. Even more surprisingly, they relieve recurring discomforts such as low back pain and migraines.

Lastly, and most importantly, these plants have powerful properties antiseptic and strengthen the immune system. This explains why CBD products have quickly become popular. However, CBD flowers are not a form of treatment.

All our CBD and CBG flowers contain 0.2% THC maximum in accordance with European Laws.

Your source for high-quality hemp flowers - CBD Fields

At CBD Fields, we take pride in offering an extensive variety of high-quality hemp flowers. Our flower strains are rich in CBD, CBG, H4CBD, and CBN, and they come from carefully selected partner stores committed to quality.

The Different Types of CBD Flowers

Whether you're looking to boost your energy or appetite with our Sativa flowers, or seeking relief from pain, improved sleep, or a way to combat anxiety, we've got you covered.

Cultivation Methods: Outdoor, Indoor, and Greenhouse

Our varieties of flowers come from different cultivation methods, each offering its own benefits. Outdoor flowers grow naturally in sunlight, making them an eco-friendly and natural option for all flower varieties. Indoor flowers, on the other hand, require complete control of the environment for a fast and high-quality harvest. Finally, greenhouse flowers, grown under glass, benefit from the best of both worlds.

The Benefits of CBD Flowers

Regardless of your cultural preference, our CBD, CBG, H4CBD, and CBN flowers offer a multitude of therapeutic benefits. They are an ideal alternative to regain appetite, fall asleep more easily, combat stress and anxiety, and even aid in overcoming dependencies. Indulge in the delightful aromas of our cannabidiol flowers for your moments of relaxation and well-being. At CBD Fields, our goal is to provide you with a premium experience from product selection to delivery. Discover our range of CBD, CBG, H4CBD, and CBN flower varieties now and feel the difference.