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CBD gels and creams

It seems logical that CBD is used in our cosmetic products given all its benefits for skin and hair (acid fat essentials, vitamins A and E, high fiber and proteins).

It can be found in moisturising, anti-ageing and healing creams. All skin types can benefit from using CBD oils, a true natural skin care product.

Below are the best brands of CBD creams and gels.

All our CBD products contain 0.2% THC maximum in accordance with European Laws.0,


CBD Content
Save 17%


Repairing and moisturizing cream with CBD - Hemēka
€24.92 €29.90
1 % CBD Pain Beauty
Save 48%


CBD Nachtcreme - CBD kosmetika- Hanfosan®
€15.62 €29.90
0.5 % CBD Sleep Beauty
Save 48%


CBD Tagescreme - CBD kosmetika - Hanfosan®
€15.62 €29.90
0.5 % CBD Beauty
Save 49%


CBD Anti-Aging Cream - CBD Kosmetika - Hanfosan®
€17.86 €34.90
0.5 % CBD Beauty


Day Cream 1000mg - Topicals CBD - Trycome
2.33 % CBD Beauty


Night Cream 2000mg - Topicals CBD - Trycome
5.02 % CBD Beauty


Hand Cream 1000mg - Topicals CBD - Trycome
2.2 % CBD Beauty

Creams and gels with CBD: making the best choice

As you know, cannabidiol offers many health and Wellness benefits. A CBD cream can provide immediate and long-lasting benefits to the skin, making it a popular choice for people looking to improve their beauty routine, or treat certain skin-related issues.

CBD creams are rich in antioxidants, making them ideal for fighting free radicals and preventing damage caused by UV rays. Reducing inflammation, any type of cannabidiol-based treatment can be beneficial in reducing skin problems.

In addition, cannabidiol creams are known for their moisturizing and nourishing properties, promoting elasticity and tone of the skin. Also reducing wrinkles and signs of aging, a good cream CBD gives the skin a younger and brighter appearance.

If you want to find the best cannabidiol skincare for your skin, it is important to consider several factors. First of all, it is essential to check the type of product that suits your skin from the different options available, such as lotions, creams, serums and oils. Next, it is crucial to opt for a reputable and trustworthy brand with a solid track record in manufacturing quality products. This is why CBD Fields offers you a wide range of options from quality brands known for their products based on CBD.

The cannabidiol concentration is also an important indicator that should not be overlooked when choosing a beauty product. Each lotion, cream CBD or other cosmetic available on our site reveals the level of cannabidiol it contains.
The quality of the ingredients used in the products is another essential element. Thus, our products are made from natural ingredients free from additives or chemicals harmful to the skin.

Why choose CBD Fields?

We want the best for your body, so we offer a range of high quality creams thanks to highly qualified partners. All of their products are made from responsibly grown hemp plants without harmful chemicals or artificial preservatives. Their production process guarantees that each cream and each gel is of the highest quality, a significant factor for the health of the skin.
By using a CBD cream from CBD Fields, you can be sure to enjoy all the benefits that cannabidiol can offer. Our range of products is designed to meet your individual needs. So why wait? Order now to discover the benefits of our face and body gels and creams.