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CBD flowers

CBD-Fields brings you the best CBD flowers from Europe.

Each of our flowers goes through a rigorous selection process to guarantee their quality, taking into account the following criteria: aroma, flavor, density, drying time and moisture content. Each batch of CBD Flowers is sourced from reputable sellers who are able to provide the origin of their flowers and associated lab tests.

All our CBD flowers contain 0.2% THC maximum in accordance with European Laws.

CBD flowers : multiple choices for maximum relaxation

At CBD Fields, we offer a wide range of hemp flower varieties, focusing on the quality of the product, to suit your needs, your budget and your preferences. The different CBD flowers from our partner shops are grown in different ways. You can choose either Sativa flowers if you want to boost your energy or your appetite, or Indica CBD flowers, which are a better choice to relieve your pain, improve your sleep or to fight against your anxieties. Among the methods of cannabis farming, we find the "Outdoor", the "Indoor" and the "Greenhouse".

Outdoor cultivation

By its name, the plants are grown outdoors, using sunlight and natural soil. So nature takes care of (almost) everything! The advantage of this ancient method of cultivation is that it works for any type of flower, just like any other type of planting! It is therefore possible to plant every variety, without much need for equipment and in large quantities. The outdoor system is also the most ecological and natural way of growing !

The indoor culture

This time the hemp plants are grown indoors. With this cultivation technique, it is essential to have the right tools and to have total control over the environment: light, heat, humidity, temperature... depending on the variety of CBD flower. Despite the sometimes restrictive total control, indoor cultivation ensures a fast and high quality harvest.

Greenhouse cultivation

This is halfway between indoor and outdoor. The plants that produce cannabidiol flowers are grown in a greenhouse and therefore benefit from the advantages of both techniques. The advantage is that the greenhouse protects against sudden large climate changes and retains heat.

The benefits of CBD flowers

Whether your choice of CBD flowers comes from one of these crops, the quality and therapeutic benefits obtained remain. As with other CBD products, flowers are an ideal alternative for regaining your appetite, falling asleep more easily, fighting stress and anxiety, but also against an addiction, such as nicotine for example. Enjoy the delicious aroma of cannabidiol flowers for your relaxing moments !