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Discover our CBD and CBN oils designed to naturally improve the quality of your sleep. Our balanced formula combines CBD and CBN with natural ingredients to combat sleep disorders, promoting easier falling asleep and a prolonged deep sleep phase. CBN, known as the cannabinoid of sleep, helps you relax even in times of stress. CBD contributes to sleep homeostasis. With our oils, enjoy peaceful nights and restful sleep. Order on CBD-Fields.fr for express delivery.

Discover Quality CBD and CBN Oils on CBD-Fields.fr

Our CBD and CBN oils are made from certified biological European hemp, specially chosen for its high concentration of CBN and its certified CBD content, guaranteeing the quality of our raw materials. CBN, or cannabinol, is a cannabinoid known for its relaxing and therapeutic properties, different from CBD. At CBD-Fields.fr, you can buy quality CBN oils at competitive prices.

The CBN: An Overview

CBN is a cannabinoid present in hemp, but it is formed following the oxidation of THC, without causing psychoactive effects. It is associated with improved sleep, pain relief, reduction of muscle spasms, anti-inflammatory properties, and alleviation of sleep disorders without addiction. CBN is found in various CBD products, including oils, flowers, and resins.

The Advantages of CBN

The CBN acts on the Wellness by acting on endocannabinoid receptors. Its effects include pain relief, reduction of muscle spasms, anti-inflammatory properties, and improved sleep. Unlike CBD, CBN is particularly effective for falling asleep and managing anxiety and stress.