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CBD Oil Capsules

We offer you CBD oils and CBD capsules selected from the best brands in Europe.

It's important to consider your preferences before choosing your bottle of CBD oil or capsules: is your priority to feel the effects immediately or a little later? Would you just like to apply CBD oil to your body? Do you think using capsules will work better for you? If you dislike the earthy taste of hemp, perhaps you would prefer oils with flavorings?

Be sure to check out our complete guide to CBD oils.

CBD oils: what are they?

A natural remedy made from cannabidiol extracted from the hemp plant, CBD oils are diluted with other so-called “carrier” oils. The properties of cannabidiol present in these small vials promote mood improvement, help reduce certain disorders, particularly related to appetite, concentration or sleep, and also soothe certain pains and inflammations.

What is a CBD capsule?

CBD capsules, also known as capsules, are in other words small gummies filled with cannabidiol oil. They are an excellent alternative to oil bottles, for those looking to benefit from the advantages of CBD in an even more practical format. In addition to their visual asset, they also allow you to know precisely the level of cannabidiol ingested at each dose. Like CBD oils, the virtues of CBD capsules are multiple. They help fight insomnia, anxiety and stress, and also relieve pain.

Oils and capsules, what are the differences?

Oils and capsules represent two somewhat different ways of consuming cannabidiol. Indeed, the capsules are taken orally, like any tablet or candy, while the oils are generally mixed with food or deposited under the tongue. This distinction creates a difference in the feeling of the effects: for a faster absorption of cannabidiol, CBD oils are then to be preferred. In addition, ingesting cannabidiol directly in oil form is the best choice if you want to absorb a higher level of CBD, but for a muted effect.

CBD capsules: what percentage to choose?

If you are considering regular consumption of CBD capsules to improve your Wellness or soothe certain ailments and disorders, you are probably wondering what percentage of CBD you should choose. There are various capsules that range in dosages from 15mg to 50mg. In general, the level of cannabidiol needed in a capsule depends on the goal you want to achieve. If you are simply looking to relax, improve your Wellness in general or if you have never used cannabidiol, it is recommended to opt for capsules with a low concentration of CBD, around 10-15%. However, if you are looking for more potency, for example to relieve chronic pain, it may be better to go for capsules containing a higher concentration, such as 25-30%.

How long do the effects of cannabidiol capsules last?

To begin with, it is important to remember that the effects can vary from person to person, depending on the level of tolerance. Depending on the dose ingested, these last between a few hours or even a few days. Indeed, 15 mg will be felt on an afternoon for example, while 50 mg may be sufficient to soothe your pain during a long weekend. In addition, the duration of the effects can also be affected by other factors, such as the amount of sleep, the level of stress, or even physical activity.

It is therefore crucial to ensure the correct use of your CBD capsules in order to reap the maximum benefits. This involves taking the correct dose and carefully monitoring your body's reaction. By choosing the correct dosage and frequency, you can enjoy the benefits of the capsules over an extended period of time. Thus, you will avoid unwanted side effects while maximizing the benefits for your health.