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CBD oils: Wellness and relaxation

In this category, we offer you a wide selection of very high quality CBD oils from the best European brands.

The different CBD oils available reveal multiple benefits and aim to promote your Wellness.

Broad Spectrum (Broad Spectrum CBD Oil) or Full Spectrum (Full Spectrum CBD Oil) extraction processes target certain molecules in hemp plants, such as flowers, branches and the seeds, to extract the benefits of CBD. We explain everything to you in our article on "CBD Full Spectrum Versus CBD Broad Spectrum Versus CBD Isolates".

CBD wellness : Full spectrum or Broad Spectrum

CBD oils are highly prized for their therapeutic properties for body and mind. There are different types of extraction, allowing a wider or narrower spectrum of molecules to be obtained.
Full Spectrum, also known as full-spectrum CBD, corresponds to a complete extraction of the hemp plant. A Full Spectrum cannabidiol oil extraction retains the cannabinoids and also contains traces of THC (limited to 0.2%), flavonoids, but also terpenes.
The preserved aromas and terpenes thus allow the benefit of the entourage effect, i.e. the combination of cannabinoids and all the components extracted from the plant.

Extractions with additional filtration steps remove all of the THC. These filtration steps noticeably deteriorate the terpenes and aromas but guarantee you products free of THC. These oils are categorized as Broad Spectrum or Large Spectrum.


You can take CBD oil sublingually, in a vial with a dropper, or with sprays containing CBD oil. Sublingual administration is a popular consumption technique. As the mucous membranes directly under the tongue have a high absorption rate, this is an effective method of consuming CBD oils
If you try cannabidiol oil, you should start feeling the benefits within 30 minutes. For maximum effectiveness, you should hold CBD oil in your mouth and under your tongue for at least 30 seconds before swallowing it.
Interestingly, CBD oils mix well with food and drink. Start with a small dose of Cannabidiol. Infusing CBD oils into edibles is a convenient way to take cannabidiol on the go for example. However, it will take longer for the CBD and its health benefits to manifest, as the compound must first pass through the liver, stomach and intestines.


CBD oils should be stored in a dark, cool and dry place. This will allow the product to remain effective for a longer period. After each use, make sure the cap is securely attached. If you can, use the dropper without contact with your mouth to reduce the risk of bacteria developing.


There is some evidence to suggest that incorporating cannabidiol into one's daily routine could help improve one's overall health. In that case, why not consider including CBD oil in your practices? Here are some of the main benefits of CBD oil.

Many of us need a bit of peace and quiet, especially after a hectic day. Drops of cannabidiol oil under the tongue, followed by calming activities, can be a good option : some people report that consuming CBD oil in their daily regimen helps them relax.

Better sleep is essential to your health, and a soothing CBD nightly ritual can help you achieve this. Oils are just as popular at fitness programs, especially for post-workout recovery, or the purpose of relieving pain and promoting relaxation. Your muscles may feel tired and need to recover after strenuous exercise. Instead of suffering, why not try CBD oil?
A well-planned post-exercise recovery strategy can help you feel ready for your next workout and potentially reduce your risk of injury.