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CBD Crystal Isolates

A CBD isolate an extract where the CBD has been isolated from other constituents. A CBD isolate starts with a full-spectrum extraction. Further processing removes all other compounds leaving only pure CBD.

This isolation process relies on a process called chromatography. The extract is gently heated and pushed through a special cylinder. Each compound with a different molecular weight will come out at a different time. Scientists know the exact molecular weight of CBD, so they can simply separate the CBD out of the cylinder.

After that, the extracted oil goes through a “winterization ” process which further removes waxes and other plant matter that may still be present after the separation step. The end product is usually in the form of crystals (crystals usually only form with chemically pure products). These crystals can then be dissolved into the shape the maker wishes to produce. It is the purest form of CBD (99%).

All our CBD Isolates and Crystals contain 0.2% THC maximum in accordance with European Laws.

The pure CBD experience with our isolates and crystals

Experience the purest level of CBD with our isolates and crystals. These products provide an exceptional concentration of cannabidiol, allowing for optimal interaction with your endocannabinoid system. Enjoy the efficiency and quick absorption that these forms of CBD can offer.

The journey from extraction to crystallization

Our CBD isolates and crystals are the result of a rigorous scientific extraction process that includes chromatography and winterization. This transformative journey eliminates any other components, leaving behind a pure, highly concentrated crystalline cannabidiol.

The Versatility of CBD Isolates and Crystals

CBD isolates and crystals are remarkably versatile. Their pure form can be used in various applications according to your preferences: direct consumption, incorporation into culinary or wellness products, etc. The absence of other components allows for optimal interaction with your body, providing a personalized CBD experience.

Your reliable source for CBD isolates and crystals - CBD-Fields

At CBD-Fields, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality CBD isolates and crystals. Our adherence to European standards and dedication to CBD purity ensure that you receive a safe and effective product. Explore the many possibilities offered by our CBD isolates and crystals and immerse yourself in the purest CBD experience with CBD-Fields.