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Animal Foods

Cannabidiol is a fantastic anxiolytic and pain reliever that you can give your dog or cat as a food supplement. CBD, a natural molecule with proven beneficial effects, would relieve his physical pain and soothe his anxiety, whether the pain was muscle or joint pain, chronic or the result of a recent traumatic event.

Animals are known for their acute sensitivity. The slightest movement can destabilize them and make them anxious. In this case, a small dose of CBD oil allows the animal to relax, calm down, calm down. Cannabidiol, for example, will be a great help for your animal companion if you need to temporarily entrust him to an unfamiliar person, if you have to move or if you have to travel with him.

All our CBD Pet products contain 0.2% THC maximum in accordance with European Laws.

The benefits of CBD in your pets' diet

CBD (Cannabidiol) is increasingly recognized for its numerous virtues, not only for humans but also for our pets. Whether it's reducing stress, relieving pain, or improving overall well-being, CBD has found its place in pet nutrition. Our range of CBD pet food offers you the opportunity to enjoy these benefits in a convenient and appetizing way for your companions.

How to choose CBD pet food?

It is important to choose a CBD-enriched pet food that is of high quality and from reputable brands. At CBD-Fields, we offer you a selection of the best brands that have incorporated high-quality CBD into their products. Each product is labeled with the exact amount of CBD to allow you to easily control the dosage for your pet.

The different types of CBD pet food

According to the preferences and specific needs of your pet, you can choose from a variety of CBD food types. Whether it's dog kibble, horse pellets, or cat treats, each food type has its own benefits. Explore our range to discover what will suit your furry companion best.

Why choose CBD-Fields for CBD pet food?

CBD-Fields is your trusted partner for all your CBD-based product needs. We are committed to providing high-quality products that adhere to European regulations. Our selection of CBD-enriched pet food comes from the best brands in the market, guaranteeing the safety and well-being of your furry companion. Explore our collection and give your pet the quality it deserves.