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Resins CBD

CBD resin is one of the active ingredients of cannabis. It is one of the best known traditional varieties of hemp. It is becoming increasingly popular due to its many anti-anxiety and healing properties

The female hemp flower is used to make CBD resin. The resin is contained in the trichomes, which are tiny microscopic mushroom-like appendages. Cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids are produced by this resinous substance. When this substance is extracted and compressed, it turns into resin, also known as hashish.

All our CBD resins contain a maximum of 0.2% THC in accordance with European laws.

Discover CBD resins with CBD Fields

Our carefully selected CBD resins are pure extracts from organic and sustainably grown cannabis sativa L. plants. By choosing CBD Fields, you are making the choice to support environmentally friendly agriculture, while providing you with high quality products.

Each CBD resin we offer is unique, with distinctive flavours and specific effects. Whether you're looking for a relaxing effect for a quiet evening, a creative boost for your art projects, or a concentration aid for your work, you'll find a CBD resin that suits your specific needs.

You'll find a range of resins from mild concentrations for novices to higher levels for the more experienced user.

Resin or pollen, what are the differences?

CBD resins and pollen, like CBD flowers , come from the cannabis plant but are produced in a different way. Indeed, the process of creating pollen is a carefully orchestrated art, centred on the extraction or separation of the trichomes (the terpene and cannabinoid rich elements of the hemp plant). Distinct from hashish (CBD resins), pollen is characterised by its powdery texture, obtained by the pressure exerted on these trichomes.

How to choose the right CBD resin?

The quality of a CBD resin is defined by a number of factors and is distinguished by its appearance, which is neither too dry nor too greasy. It also exudes a bouquet of subtle and slightly spicy aromas, which are a testament to its quality.

However, the secret of high quality CBD resins lies in their complex composition. While cannabidiol is a dominant cannabinoid in hemp flowers and in the resin extracted from them, it is only one of many cannabinoids present. In addition, CBD resin is naturally rich in terpenes and terpenoids, molecules responsible for the varied and delicious aromas of hemp.

These components interact synergistically, and it is this harmonious balance and interaction between the different cannabinoids, terpenes and terpenoids that really determines the potential and potency of CBD resins. In short, it is the symphony of these elements that makes all the difference, far beyond the CBD content itself.

With CBD Fields, rest assured, you can't go wrong !