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CBD Infusion

CBD infusion, or hemp tea, is a soothing hot drink that provides all the benefits of cannabidiol and allows you to benefit from its calming properties. Stress, anxiety and depression are common phenomena, and CBD has been shown to help combat all three. A CBD herbal tea can also effectively combat insomnia and improve the quality of life of sufferers. Chronic pain caused by illnesses such as fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis is also relieved by cannabidiol.

The hemp infusion extracts the active ingredients from the plant. The leaves are immersed into boiling water then left to infuse for a few minutes to release the cannabidiol they contain. A small amount of fat can be added to the infusion, such as coconut, almond or hazelnut. In this way, the polyunsaturated fatty acids will bind with the CBD and make it easier for the body to absorb.

All our CBD teas and infusions contain a maximum of 0.2% THC, in accordance with European laws.

Discover the warm world of CBD infusion

Immerse yourself in the world of our CBD herbal teas on our website, your destination of choice for quality cannabidiol products. Our range of CBD herbal teas and infusions are designed to allow you to consume CBD in a pleasant and discreet way, at any time of day.

At CBD Fields, we have carefully selected our products to ensure not only a rich, delicate taste, but also optimum cannabidiol content. From detoxifying green tea to relaxing CBD infusions, our range of cannabidiol herbal teas offers you a wide choice to satisfy your cravings and needs.

A major advantage of our CBD infusions is their ease of use. Simply prepare them as you would your usual tea, and voilà! You've got a delicious drink full of benefits!

Many of our friends and family have noticed an improvement in their stress management, sleep quality and even some of their aches and pains after introducing our herbal teas into their daily routine. And if, like some of them, you're not too keen on tea in general, our CBD capsules are an excellent alternative.

It's also important to note that our CBD Infusion range is entirely legal. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound, which means it does not induce euphoric or consciousness-altering effects. What's more, at CBD Fields we're committed to the highest quality standards for all our products, ensuring you receive the very best with every order.

When you order from us, you're investing in your well-being and health. Explore our infusions and discover the power of cannabidiol in a cup of tea!

“La Relaxante” CBD herbal tea

Let yourself be seduced by La Relaxante, our CBD infusion carefully concocted from organic plants. A blend of lemon balm, hawthorn and hemp leaves rich in CBD, creating an infusion that's both sweet and tasty. Ideal for complete relaxation after a long day, 'La Relaxante' helps you to rediscover serenity and well-being. Try it and let the natural power of cannabidiol envelop you in a cloud of tranquillity.


Awaken your senses with our CBD herbal tea designed to aid digestion. Made with sweet and peppermint, bay leaf and hemp, it promotes healthy digestion and a feeling of general well-being. Perfect at the end of a meal or during your breaks, 'La Digestive' deliciously balances flavour and benefits. A comforting and invigorating experience guaranteed!

Night-time infusion

Get ready for a peaceful night's sleep with "La Nocturne", our CBD infusion with verbena, sage and lime blossom. As gentle as it is enveloping, this herbal tea is your new ally against bad nights and waking up repeatedly. Discover the power of cannabidiol for a peaceful, restorative night's sleep.

Relieve your menstrual pain with "La Périodique".

Because being a woman isn't always easy, we wanted to offer you an original, healthy and delicious alternative to help you through your period. Soothe your monthly and menstrual discomforts naturally with our unique infusion, combining various beneficial plants that are effective against female pain.

Detoxify your body with CBD

This infusion combines hemp, chicory, meadowsweet and burdock to perfectly purify the body. "La Détox" is an ideal friend for a wellness routine, helping to eliminate toxins while promoting relaxation. Its refreshing flavour and natural benefits make it a perfect choice to start the day or after a heavy weekend.