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CBD Wax Honey

For those unfamiliar with growing hemp, Wax or Honey of CBD is one of the most concentrates containing up to 80% cannabidiol.

La Wax or Honey CBD allows you to consume a large dose of cannabidiol using a very small amount. In other words, you need less CBD to get the same effects.

There is no doubt that the high potency of Wax or Honey CBD is its main benefit. Proper extraction ensures that no solvents are left behind and the CBD content is very high.

If you want results quickly, this ultra-potent CBD extract may be the perfect solution.

All our CBD Wax and Honey products contain a maximum of 0.2% THC, in accordance with European laws.

Cannabidiol wax (CBD): how to use it?

CBD wax does not seem like an easy substance to use, especially for novices. What should you do with your hemp now that you have it? There are two applications of CBD wax. Inhalation is the first method. One method of inhaling CBD wax is "dabbing", as it's called around the corner among our English-speaking friends. This is the most used technique, despite its strange appearance, because the substance can be vaporized instantly. Simply spread a little wax on an extremely hot surface (a glass or ceramic bowl heated with a blowtorch, for example) and breathe in the vapors. Take the example of the CBD DAB WAX method. CBD wax, after being heated to turn it into e-liquid, can also be inhaled in CBD e-cigarettes. The other option for ingesting CBD wax is to combine it with another substance, such as a snack or drink. Then just treat it like any other dry ingredient when cooking or baking. To do this, combine the wax with another fat. As we have already said, CBD wax is among the most concentrated cannabidiol products. Do not abuse the doses, be careful. Keep in mind that you should never ingest it in its pure, solid form.

Is CBD wax legal?

Products containing THC are explicitly prohibited by law. Under penalty of serious legal proceedings, the sale, consumption and manufacture are prohibited because it is considered narcotic. The fact that cannabidiol comes from the same plant as THC is problematic. However, as we have seen before, it is perfectly safe for human consumption. The government has created an approved list of hemp and cannabis varieties that are clearly labeled to indicate whether or not they contain psychoactive levels of THC. To avoid any errors, French law states that these ingredients cannot contain more than 0.2% THC (while cannabis generally contains at least 15% THC). The CBD waxes sold in CBD-Fields are legitimate. The THC content of the hemp plant from which they are derived is less than 0.2%. Therefore, you have the right to buy and use it. CBD wax is therefore not a controlled substance.