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SEO, ranking and reviews

CBD Fields is an online Marketplace allowing users to be put in touch with professional sellers referenced on the platform in order to buy hemp-based products and more specifically cannabidiol too called CBD (hereinafter, the “Products”).

CBD Fields also allows users to find nearby shops listed offering CBD and/or Products listed on CBD Fields. For some of these referenced shops, users will be able to acquire Products directly on CBD Fields and pick them up directly from the referenced shops in "Click & Collect".

The purpose of this section is to detail the methods of referencing, dereferencing and classification of professionals referenced on CBD Fields as well as the rules for moderating opinions published on CBD Fields.

Information on the methods of referencing, dereferencing and ranking of sellers and advertisements

The listing of sellers on CBD Fields is accepted subject to compliance by the professional concerned with certain rules set by the platform's general conditions of service. The listing of advertisements for the sale of Products on CBD Fields

is accepted subject to compliance by the seller with the conditions of publication of advertisements, in particular with regard to their compliance with applicable legislation.

Failure by a seller to comply with these conditions and the instructions given may lead to the refusal of listing or delisting of an ad.

The ranking of ads depends solely on user searches. Ads can in this respect be filtered by category and sorted by price range, publication date and/or location.

Apart from the user's search/filtering criteria, ads are ranked by default by the publishing company of CBD Fields according to the best sellers within the same location that will appear first or the best reviews /notes on the Product and/or seller concerned.

The criteria leading to the delisting of an advertisement are the same as the criteria leading to the delisting of a professional. CBD Fields also reserves the right to withdraw an advertisement whose content provided by the professional, with a view to publication on the CBD Fields platform, proves to be inaccurate and/or misleading.

Except with regard to any highlighting services offered to sellers on CBD Fields in order to increase the visibility of their advertisements on CBD Fields (and identified as such on the results pages), the CBD Fields's publishing company does not receive any remuneration likely to influence the ranking of professionals and/or advertisements on the platform. Furthermore, there is no financial consideration or capital link with CBD Fields and the professionals allowing one professional to be favored over another.

Information on the moderation of online reviews on CBD Fields

Users have the option of publishing opinions on professionals listed on CBD Fields following a sale. However, this option is only available after the order concerned has been finalized.

CBD Fields does not exercise a priori control over the opinions published on the Site. Any disparaging, abusive or presenting false or inaccurate information may however be deleted. The same applies to reviews with extremely low ratings without such a rating being justified and proven.

Users have the possibility to modify or delete their opinion at any time by contacting CBD Fields via the contact information displayed on the site. Sellers and users also have the possibility of contacting CBD Fields in order to dispute a review, in particular with regard to its authenticity

Reviews of Sellers and/or Products are and remain public on CBD Fields as long as the Seller remains referenced on the platform but may be deleted at its sole discretion by the publishing company of CBD Fields after a period of three (3) years after publication.

The publishing company of CBD Fields does not receive any consideration or advantage in exchange for any submission of an opinion on CBD Fields.


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