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Lemon Haze - Indoor CBD Flowers - Hemēka

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HEMEKA Lemon Haze - Indoor CBD Flowers - Hemēka Lemon Haze - Indoor CBD Flowers - Hemēka Average rating: false , based on 1 reviews 7 from 28.34 to 426.44

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Description of the CBD flower Lemon Haze

Lemon Haze is a great classic: a mixture of aromas of citrus fruit with flavors ranging from lemongrass to orange highlighting a very pronounced lemon taste, from which its name is taken. You will also find a slight note of sandalwood and resinous for a complete taste experience. Lemon Haze will transport you directly to the heart of the Mediterranean and its lemon groves!!!

The CBD Lemon Haze flower is now 'now considered an iconic variety. It is particularly recognized for its pronounced taste and its citrus flavors. It is the fruit of a hybrid hemp crop, resulting from a cross between Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk.

Lemon Haze is a variety of CBD flowers very pleasant in the mouth. You will undoubtedly appreciate its pronounced citrus scent. For the finest palates, you will be able to distinguish a note of lime and grapefruit. This variety of CBD flowers will amaze fans with its lemony flavors and its earthy, slightly peppery scent, combining both sweetness and acidity. A homogeneous and surprising mixture, which we owe especially to the limonene terpenes of the flower.

Lemon Haze is a CBD flower whose virtues are said to be energizing . Considered refreshing, this variety acts against stress, anxiety, and in fact, promotes sleep. Finally, Lemon Haze has the potential to fight against nausea.

CBD level: 8-10% - Rate of THC: <0.3% - Origin: Italy

How to store this CBD flower?

Store in its original packaging and in a cool, dry place. Do not expose to sunlight.

How to consume your CBD flowers?

Our flowers are compact and resinous, so you will need to work them before infusion.

The rest is a game of child: Add a fatty substance such as whole milk (coconut, soy, etc.) to boiling water. Introduce your flower into a tea ball, let it infuse as you wish. Enjoy your tasting!

Why add fat?

This will provide you with better dissolution of cannabinoids and thus an optimal mode of consumption to benefit from the properties and flavors of our flowers.

What does the legislation in force in France say?

In accordance with the law in force in France, all our flowers are only intended for infusions.