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CBD oil for cats - 2.5% - 10ml - Naturecan

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Using a combination of high-quality cannabidiol (CBD) and hemp seed oil, our 2.5% CBD oil offers a convenient and healthy solution to improving the quality of life of your feline companion: your cat. We are committed to ensuring the safety of our CBD for your pet through rigorous testing by independent laboratories, free of harmful toxins. Our CBD does not contain THC and is made exclusively from 100% natural ingredients. CBD exhibits natural anti-inflammatory properties and proven effects on mood, sleep, and pain management. It is therefore ideal for addressing many pet-related concerns, regardless of the type of cat you have. Whether your cat has age-related issues, is sensitive to loud noises, or suffers from loneliness when you're away, CBD can improve their quality of life. In addition, it is easy and painless to administer. CBD oils are an ideal way to deliver the benefits of CBD to your pet, with just one or two drops, depending on the recommended dosage, to provide them with the dose of CBD they need.
NATURECAN CBD oil for cats - 2.5% - 10ml - Naturecan CBD oil for cats - 2.5% - 10ml - Naturecan Average rating: 4.5 , based on 1 reviews 1 from 18.99 to 18.99

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We use state-of-the-art extraction and refinement technology to produce pure, natural CBD, allowing us to offer precise dosing for cats. According to our recommendation, the ideal dose is 0.1 mg of CBD per kilogram of your cat's body weight, which is equivalent to approximately 2 drops.
To calculate the appropriate dose for your cat, you can use the following formula: cat's weight (in kilograms) x 0.1 mg = CBD dose in milligrams. For example, if your cat weighs 6.5 kg, the recommended dose would be 0.65 mg of CBD, which equals approximately 12 drops or 0.6 ml. You can divide this dose into equal doses, morning and evening.
It is important to note that these recommendations are general and it is always best to consult your veterinarian before starting any CBD treatment for your cat. Your veterinarian can adjust the dose based on your cat's specific needs and monitor the effects of CBD on their health.


To dose CBD for pets, you can use the following methods:
Oral administration: CBD oil can be administered directly into the mouth of the pet. your pet before or mixed with their food. Be sure to follow the specific dosage instructions of the product you are using.
Sublingual: For faster results, you can administer the CBD drops under your pet's tongue . To do this, face your cat and use one hand to steady her head while gently lifting her lip with your thumb. With the other hand, insert the syringe or dropper into the corner of his mouth, drop the oil into the space under his tongue. This may encourage your cat to lick and chew, which promotes CBD absorption. Syringes are usually supplied with CBD oils to facilitate sublingual dosing.