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SUPREME KETAMA 50% - Berelaxcbd

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Our CBD resin is made from naturally grown hemp plants, without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. The extraction process ensures that all extracts come solely from hemp, for optimal quality. The CBD content of our resin is 50%, making it a highly concentrated and potent product. The natural hemp aroma gives this resin an authentic flavor, while the floral notes add a delicate and pleasant touch. Supreme Ketama 50% CBD resin is available in three package sizes: 5g, 10g, and 25g. If you require larger quantities, please contact us directly to discuss. This product is recommended for consumption through infusion or vaporization. It is sold in sealed packaging that certifies its THC content to be less than 0.2%, in compliance with current European legislation. Enjoy the benefits of CBD with our premium resin, for an aromatic and relaxing experience. Order today and discover the Supreme Ketama quality!
BERELAXCBD SUPREME KETAMA 50% - Berelaxcbd SUPREME KETAMA 50% - Berelax<tc>cbd</tc> 3 from 35.00 to 100.00

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The Hash of cbd Supreme Ketama 50% offers a quality equivalent to the best varieties of cbd resin that we offer. But what makes it even more interesting is its affordable price, starting at €4 per gram! This resin is extremely powerful, with a cbd rate of 50%. It is made in an artisanal way from the best varieties of cbd flowers grown indoors. The pollen or "skuff" is then compacted naturally in a hot mold to obtain a high quality resin.
The hash of cbd SuprĂŞme Ketama 50% presents incredible taste characteristics, with natural notes of hemp and a floral touch on the palate. Its light yellow color, its captivating scent and its unique and complex aroma will transport you to a relaxing world. Our resins are particularly well prepared, composed only of pollen and contain no chemical residues from conventional fertilizers.
This resin from CBD is ideal for use during the day or in evening. To benefit from its therapeutic virtues, it is important to dose it correctly. We recommend that you consult your pharmacist or your doctor and start with low doses, which you can gradually increase if necessary.
Our resins of cbd, which are Whether jelly or wax, have THC levels below 0.2%, which guarantees their compliance with current legislation concerning cannabis-based preparations. Their consumption is perfectly legal in France, in accordance with European decree no. 639-2014.
To consume the resin of cbd SuprĂŞme Ketama 50%, we recommend the infuser or spray. Indeed, combustion destroys the cbd content and can be harmful to the respiratory tract. It is therefore preferable to use a good quality spray. If you opt for the infusion, boil a pellet of cbd 50% resin in very hot water for a few minutes. To enhance the flavors and help the cbd mix with the drink, you can add an edible fat, such as a touch of butter or vegetable oil.